• Frontpage from Economic Survey, August 2023

    Economic Survey, August 2023

    Publiceret 31-08-2023

    Large parts of the Danish economy have slowed during the past 18 months. Domestic demand has declined, whereas exports has sustained economic activity. However, developments through the first half of ...

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    Economic Survey, May 2023

    Publiceret 17-05-2023

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year quickly had major repercussions for the global economy. In the fall of 2022, inflation reached its highest level in 40 years in many Western countries. Reduced h ...

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    Economic Survey, March 2023

    Publiceret 23-03-2023

    Inflation appears to have peaked across countries and fears of a global recession have eased. But inflation remains at a high level, and tightening of the monetary policy has already been implemented ...